The lowdown on Facebook groups

I’m sure you’re a member of at least one Facebook group and there many to choose from depending on the business you are in and your reason for joining.  So why are they important for business owners? I think it’s easier to answer what Facebook Groups are not.  They...

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New Year, New Goals

  Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions yet? Being more organised, reducing debt, becoming healthier or ensuring you have enough sleep are all common New Year’s resolutions. They have certainly featured in my list of goals for the new year over the years. But...

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SBA Members Support Innovation

Are you innovative in your business? You possibly are.  As small business owners we have to think creatively to tackle those niggly issues we deal with on a day-to-day basis. But does innovation mean to you? Is it about the technology? Is it about processes?  Is it...

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It is our honour and our pleasure!

It takes time, energy and commitment to put on an Awards Night and a cast of 1000s (well four actually) to make sure the show goes well. So why bother? Stirling Business Association has hosted annual awards nights numerous times during our forty year history.  It is...

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FINALISTS ANNOUNCED – Stirling Small Business Awards 2017

Thank you to everyone who nominated their business in our 2017 Small Business Awards. Our wonderful judges have confirmed the quality of the nominations received this year were outstanding, making the judging process extremely difficult. We are very proud of our small...

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