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As a member of SBA you now have the opportunity to submit a feature article which we will share on our blog. This member only privilege is a brilliant way for you to share your expertise and to educate not only other members, but our website visitors too, on who you are and what you do and to really position yourself as someone of credibility in your industry.

We are looking for a variety of submissions. We are keen to get a great cross section of our members from different industries, sectors and skill sets to share your knowledge for everyone’s benefit. Unfortunately not all articles will be able to be published.  Publication will be at the discretion of Stirling Business Association Administration team and will depend on the submissions received for that month.

  • Each article should be between 300 and 600 words long.
  • Your aim is to showcase your expertise, highlight the value you offer, build your brand and your business by sharing great quality content.
  • Please submit your logo and a professional head shot in high resolution jpeg or png format along with your article.
  • Please include a bio of 50 words or less.
  • In exchange for sharing your contribution we ask that you promote our blog and your article to your list via social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc) at least 3 times in the month you feature. This helps to get the word out and helps us to connect with more people who are ready and waiting to hear our collective messages and embrace the learning and inspiration.
  • Your article or submission may be edited.
  • Up to 8 member articles will be published each month on our blog.
  • For consideration for publication next month please ensure you have submitted your article by the last Friday of the current month. We will confirm your inclusion before publication.
  • Your blog post will be linked to your member directory listing so that people reading it can connect with you direct (great reminder to ensure that is up to date and explains to people how you can best help them).

Click here to submit your article directly to Stirling Business Association.


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