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By Vanessa Geraghty McGann

Life these days is hectic! There are so many demands and pressures to deal with on a daily basis.

Identify and recognise your symptoms of stress

The first step is to identify and recognise your symptoms of stress. It could be in the form of negative feelings or physical symptoms. You may carry stress around the neck and upper back and experience pain and tightness here. Or your may get a reaction in your gut, as the head and the gut are linked so intrinsically.

Rachel Dhanjal from Rachel Dhanjal Kinesiology specialises in helping her clients to overcome stress. She shares her top 5 tips with us.

1. Learn to say no

We pride ourselves in multitasking and being busy however, you need to ask yourself how beneficial is this to your long term health. You need to know your limits and when to say no. You may feel that you are letting people down but you need to put your health and well being first. Schedule your week at the start of each week and make sure to block out some time to focus on you, this way you put your needs first.

2. Stop rushing

You are probably trying to cram more and more into each day, and get everything done within a limited time frame. This results in you feeling under time pressure constantly. Choose three things to do each day from your to do list, rather than trying to race through ten things instead. This way you will feel calmer and more in control.

3. Stop placing pressure on yourself

A lot of pressure that you place on yourself can be self induced, and this mainly comes from how you think. You probably have an inner critic that criticises the amount of work that you are doing each day. You may never feel good enough. You need to recognise your inner critic and build up your inner cheerleader! Know that you are enough!

4. Find daily joy

Finding daily joy will reduce your burnout rate by 125%! Feeling happy changes your mood and reduces stress. Create a list of things that make you happy. Choose one thing from the list and implement it daily. It might be as simple as dancing with your kids, or dancing around the kitchen with great music while you cook. Write in a gratitude journal daily noting all the amazing things that you have in your life.

5. Exercise and movement

Movement helps you to burn off the energy from all of that adrenaline and cortisol surging through your body when you are feeling stressed.  Aim to exercise and move for thirty minutes daily. This may be going for a walk or a run, doing an outdoor group exercise class, doing a personal training session, dancing, hiking, swimming or cycling! Get outdoors and into the fresh air!

Choose something that you love and do it! If you sit at a desk all day long get up and move around and stretch every fifty minutes. Take the stairs instead of the lift at work. Some other ways to get movement into  your daily routine is to squat while you are brushing your teeth or to do some lunges while you are chatting on the phone!

Our challenge to you

Aim to implement these five tips into your life daily starting this week! We would love to hear from you how you feel after making these small changes, jump onto our social media pages and share your success!


Vanessa Geraghty McGann, Founder & Director, PTV Personal Training & Nutrition.




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