Compete successfully against international brands and e-commerce
International businesses are taking market share and making it harder for local businesses to prosper. This is despite the fact that more than 50% of international brands are yet to arrive.
E-commerce is having an increased impact on businesses of all sizes. Projections suggest that 50% of all retail will be online by 2025. E-commerce is also having an increased impact on services.

But it is not all doom an gloom. You can compete with international brands and you can win in a world increasingly dominated by e-commerce. With the right strategy in place – you can compete and you can win – indeed grow.

This session will address practical strategies that businesses of all sizes can implement individually and as a group to facilitate growth and more importantly become more profitable. A discussion, rather than a talk, this session will inspire and facilitate action.

Projections suggest that 50% of all retail will be online by 2025.

This is a session about opportunities – the opportunities you can address in your business and the opportunity to ask the questions most pertinent to your business. It will leave you with work to do. 

Join us below.

Your facilitator
Inspired by a fascination with human behaviour, John specialises in consumer behaviour and the management of that behaviour to deliver social and commercial objectives.

This takes the form of speeches, books, blogs, newsletters, podcasts and advisory services – engaging with individuals and organisations he enjoys working with.

Well known for his critical, objective and lateral thinking John says it as he sees it, and cuts through the crap in the quest for a superior performance.

Over the last 25 years he has advised organizations of all shapes and sizes, government and non-government, private and public, for profit and not for profit, all around Australia

He sits on several boards.

With an academic background in psychology, education, and business, John is suspicious of traditional marketing, branding and communication – preferring a more evidence-based approach.
John Carlson
D. John Carlson Advisory
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 Tuesday, 2 April
4pm - 6pm
​​​​​​​ 45 Delawney Street, Balcatta

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