I am currently reading The E-Myth by Michael E Gerber and he talks about three roles a successful business owner must harness in order to develop a successful business. The Entrepreneur, the manager and the technician.

Unfortunately they are quite different in their mindset and skill set and at some stage a business owner can realise he has only ever been the technician in his own business. He has essentially created himself a job and this is the route to drudgery, boredom and burn-out.

I have seen this in too many businesses and the result can be catastrophic!

A successful business also needs the entrepreneur (the visionary) and the manager (to create order). The entrepreneur has the ideas, the vision to see what the problem is the business is ideally solving while the manager creates the systems and processes to keep everything ordered and efficient.

To develop a successful business a business owner needs to tap into his inner entrepreneur and his inner manager while keeping them in balance with his dominant technician.

Have you created yourself a job rather than a business?

We often hear that you should work ‘on’ your business and not just ‘in’ it. But what does that really mean?

Michael E Gerber advocates for you to think of your business as anything but a job and to ask yourself a series of questions about how to be free of your business and how you can replicate it. (You’ll need to read The E-Myth to find out Michael’s approach).

I would also add that you need to invest in yourself and equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to change how you do your business. You need to find your inner entrepreneur and your inner manager.

Make 2018 the year that you change your perspective of being in business. ‘Think of your business as anything but a job!’

In March Stirling Business Association’s next Business Essentials program is commencing so business owners can re-visit business principles and implement the changes that frees you of your ‘job’ and helps you create a true business. There’s no E-Myth in that.


Yvonne Atkinson is Chief Executive Officer at Stirling Business Association and manages Stirling Business Centre.  Yvonne has many years experience in small business having owned and operated three of her own – to varying degrees of success.  Yvonne is passionate about providing the necessary support to local small business owners and promoting the sense of connection and community.




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