It takes time, energy and commitment to put on an Awards Night and a cast of 1000s (well four actually) to make sure the show goes well.

So why bother?

Stirling Business Association has hosted annual awards nights numerous times during our forty year history.  It is very much the jewel in Stirling Business Association’s events calendar.  Our night to razzle and dazzle and recognise the hard work and dedication small business owners demonstrate every day.  Many small business owners are micro businesses (maybe 1-2 staff members), they work long hours and forfeit leisure time with their family as they try to make a difference.  There are no pats on the back or congratulations for a job well done.  In today’s more challenging economic times they are grateful their business is surviving as they endeavour to steer their business in chartered and uncertain waters.

And that’s what makes Stirling Business Association’s Awards Night such an important and vital part of the jigsaw.  Our recent Small Business Awards Night certainly razzled and dazzled, inspired and motivated.  It brought our local small business community together so we could pat each other on the back for a job well done.  In short we acknowledged the hard work and we celebrated – Big time!

Our finalists and Category Award winners had their moment to shine, share their story and be acknowledged for doing something right.  As a collective we wanted to share in that success and know that together we can learn and grow and be encouraged to continue to do the amazing things we are doing.  We somehow felt braver.

Stirling Business Association (operated just like a small business) is proud to shine the light and celebrate our amazing small business community.  And that’s why we are honoured to host our Small Business Awards.  In fact, it is our pleasure.


Yvonne Atkinson is Chief Executive Officer at Stirling Business Association and manages Stirling Business Centre.  Yvonne has many years experience in small business having owned and operated three of her own – to varying degrees of success.  Yvonne is passionate about providing the necessary support to local small business owners and promoting the sense of connection and community.





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