Creative Possibility Consultancy

Shannon has a singular purpose – to bring effortless success to business. But how she delivers her unique method of consultative coaching is diverse, inventive, and consistently refined in line with each individual client or company she serves.

Combining over 25 years of coaching, mentoring, educating, and consulting along with a childhood spent in keen observation of family business machinations gives her a unique perspective and empathy for small business owners. At the core, her own small business, Creative Possibility, provides innovative business coaching and strategy to her clients to learn new skills, identify challenges, gain clarity, and confidently create success. She’s a big picture business innovator with the specific gift of honing in on the small details – the best mix.

With her ground-breaking conception of the Thrive Factor framework, she affords her clients a tangible insight into their own mindset around money, marketing, self-promotion, and standing out from the crowd.

A range of tailored services and support is available to meet the needs of small business owners locally, including one on one consultancy, coaching programs for your business leaders and teams, group mastermind programs and education for your team or group. Shannon is an international speaker and small business educator, an award winning author and regularly sought after to speak at a range of business related events.

When she’s not changing the very dynamic of struggling and up levelling businesses, Shannon can often be found practising a different kind of balance – on a stand up paddle board!

Creative Possibility Consultancy


making business easier; marketing coaching & strategy for small business

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