Helping companies grow and scale

BUSINESS IS CHANGING – Uncertainty abounds. How prepared are you for what’s coming?

DIGITAL STRATEGY – We’re all tech businesses now. A strong digital strategy is essential. Just to survive, let alone thrive.

DIGITAL FUTURE – How can you future proof, scale and grow your organisation?

I’m here to help. I’ve had 20+ years in the tech/innovation sector in Perth/WA. Top MBA graduate from UWA, I set up my own tech startup (aussiehome.com) in 1999 and ran it for 10+ years before being acquired by REIWA, whereupon I ran reiwa.com. I was then CEO of Business News before working for the federal government on an innovation fund.

I consult to tech/growing businesses that need help. It’s just me. No fancy offices or overheads. If you think I can help you, do reach out.



Charlie Gunningham

0411 092 669
Woodlands WA 6018