Julia Ewert Pty Ltd

Julia Ewert Pty Ltd

MBA-degree qualified and with 25 years’ experience working for global companies in sales leadership roles, Julia Ewert is renowned as a professional negotiator and teaches companies her proven formula – The Infinite Sales SystemTM.

In addition, Julia continues to hone her negotiating skills from hostage, crisis, terrorist, and business negotiators – who are using the most advanced negotiation techniques to solve complex scenarios.
Julia has taken these world leading negotiation principles and put them into a repeatable sales process, which is proven to help companies convert more clients, more often and for more margin.

A regular contributor to the media, Julia is described as a “breath of fresh air” due to her genuine nature and approach to making selling and negotiation principles so simple through her trust-building and high-empathy process.

Julia’s programs have been successfully implemented in a broad range of industries and countries around the world and she is a finalist in the 2021 Australian Business Champion Awards. She is also a 2021 winner in the Stirling Business Association awards.

Julia Ewert Pty Ltd


Julia Ewert

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