The Orange Card Pty Ltd

Specializing in online drug awareness courses for workplace, sporting clubs, schools and the wider community.

The Orange was created after the death of Preston Bridge, a sixteen year old boy with the world at his feet. Illicit substances is not only killing our citizens, but is slowly killing our culture and destroying our once safe and productive workforce. The orange card strategy’s are closely aligned with companies and sporting bodies drug and Alcohol policies. The Orange Card consists of 3 components, PRO – PLUS, PRO AND FIRST STEP. Each course covers employees and contractors, management and leadership staff and teenagers between the age of 13 and 18 years that are looking at starting their first job. By completing the courses participants will gain a real understanding of the effects of drugs and Alcohol, providing them with the ability to make better choices and help spread the word to the wider community. The FIRST STEP course is FREE to all teenagers.

As an added bonus completing the course gives you access to the Sideffect Alert App which has been developed to keep the public informed of dangerous substances in the community. When a dangerous drug appears in the marketplace you will receive an immediate alert creating an instant awareness system. This App can also be downloaded via the Orange Card website.

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The Orange Card Pty Ltd


Rodney Bridge

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