The Sharpsmith

The Sharpsmith is a mobile sharpening service using proven and age-old methods to sharpen our customer’s knives, scissors, tools and garden equipment, to ensure the items is sharper than when it was new, without compromising the life of the item sharpened. I operate from a fully equipped mobile workshop to provide a professional service to my customers.

The benefits of using sharp knives or blades have a number of benefits such as increased production, improved health and better-finished results.

I started sharpening knives from an early age, as a farm boy on a cattle farm in Africa, where sharp knives are mandatory and not negotiable to ensure efficient end speedy completion of the task on hand. I have always loved sharpening knives and was a life long passion and hobby. Now that I have retired I am enjoying sharpening knives and tools to supplement my retirement income, meeting people and continue to be active and involved.

Why let The Sharpsmith sharpen your knives and other instruments?

Blunt Knives are Dangerous!

The Sharpsmith


Albert Richter

0452 204 911
217 Odin Drive, Stirling WA 6021