Through Customers Eyes

Undercover shopping service - We see what you don't

Anne Venaille is the Chief Undercover Officer of Through Customers Eyes, an undercover shopping service identifying problems of possible lost sales due to customer service variability or lack of competitor edge. Built around the importance of customer service and how it can impact on a business, Through Customers Eyes focuses on:

1) Assessing customer service, identifying selling skill abilities and evaluating the levels of product
knowledge of frontline staff,
2) Providing an immediate picture of where things are working well and what needs to be worked on,
3) Giving insight to possible improvement if required.

Coming from a retail, hospitality and accounting background, Anne understands the value of frontline staff giving excellent customer service, which is pivotal to the success or failure of a business.

A competitor analysis service can also be conducted to discover where a business fits in with their competitors in terms of customer service, price, offers, promotions etc.

Through Customers Eyes goal is simple – they want to give their clients a good insight on the experience their clients customers have when they choose to do business with them. Giving a great experience can result in more browsers converting into buyers, getting repeat business, growing review ratings – all this increasing the bottom line.

Through Customers Eyes


Anne Venaille

0423 511 265
Perth, Western Australia