It is time to get ahead of the business game

and you can with the help of a program generously subsidised by the City of Stirling, saving you more than $2000!

"You'd never get better value than the Prosperitas Mastermind Coaching program. It makes you look at things from a different perspective with a huge added benefit of the feedback from the group members.

You couldn't get a better coach than program facilitator, Shannon. She is in a class of her own with her varied and extensive expertise and ability to adapt to the needs of the small businesses in the group.

For such a small investment you get access to such high quality support, you can't fault the value!"

Ian von Berg - Wealthguide Australia

Business has been challenging this year, to say the least.

No one could have imagined the world would be faced with a pandemic that would stop key parts of the economy, threatening your business and the businesses of your suppliers, referral partners, customers and clients.

The media tells us the economy in Western Australia is the healthiest in the country and yet you are likely trying to find your way in a business landscape with an undercurrent of uncertainty.

Navigating the changes, challenges and evolving space doesn't have to be something you do alone. There are opportunities emerging all the time, and having support to make the most of them is available to you as a small business owner in the City of Stirling.

Stirling Business Association, with significant financial support from the City of Stirling, as part of their generous $7M Economic Stimulus and Recovery Package, is delighted to announce a new initiative.

An initiative in support of you identifying your business opportunities and setting yourself up for growth now and into the future.

A large number of small business owners will have written off 2020, deciding there is no point putting any effort in to what they want to just forget as "that year!"

However, for the motivated small business owner, working alone or with a team, there is plenty that can be done NOW to set you up for success in 2021!

Don't be like your competitors who wait until the new year to take action. Get ahead of the competitor game and make a valuable investment in yourself and your business now.

Introducing the SBA Prosperitas Business Mastermind

prosperitas: latin: success, prosperity, wealth, good fortune

The objective of the 3 month group program, delivered online, is to provide small businesses that are based within the City of Stirling local government boundary with access to a subsidised professional program drawing on a combination of personalised coaching and mastermind methodology to ensure you have the support needed to:

  • ready yourself for future growth
  • identify key opportunities
  • leverage your business potential
  • connect with your ideal customers
  • make more confident decisions about your business now and into the future
  • grow your ideal customer audience
  • understand how to recognise and act on opportunities and clarify and manage the risks you face
  • discover quality marketing strategies to support current and future business growth and more

"My business partner and I are in full business development focus and can see the huge benefit that can come in a short time! I am so glad we said yes to this opportunity."

- Pru Cameron, Benchmark Business Works

The program focuses on three key themes;

1. Adapt: what does your business need right now and into 2021 in order to adapt to the current and evolving business landscape?

2. Evolve: how does your business leverage its strengths and maximise its potential right now and into the future?

This isn't about pivoting and reinventing yourself. It is about engaging with your ideal customers and delivering aligned products and services that meets the needs of your valued customer community

3. Prepare: what can your business do right now, in this week and month, to leverage the opportunities right in front of you?

How can you plan ahead, ensuring you have the right business growth strategies and marketing in place?

Our next group of motivated business owners is commencing 17 November 2020 and places are filling now

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As a participant in the program you stand to experience many benefits.

When you actively engage in the fortnightly sessions we expect you will:

  • find clarity so you know where to focus your time and attention to get back to business and prepare for the future,
  • determine the best actions to be taken to move your business forward,
  • build confidence and resilience allowing you to feel an increasing sense of optimism and motivation as you face coming months of continued uncertainty,
  • sharpen your problem solving skills providing you with ways to meet your challenges head on and work out what to do with them,
  • build trusted professional relationships and network with others leading to potential referrals and work, particularly in the future

In addition you will be able to bring one key member of your business with you to the group sessions. This would be the same person each session and they would be in a key leadership and decision making role in your organisation, for example a co Director, Operations Manager or key individual.

If you don't have a team or someone to join you that is perfectly ok! As a sole trader or sole Director in your business or company this is equally an ideal program for you.

This program offers an incredible opportunity for motivated small business owners to get back to business in a truly supported way.

What is included?

  • 6 group mastermind sessions, delivered online, every 2 weeks for a maximum 2 hour period
  • personalised support from your experienced and specialised small business coach who will facilitate each session, providing guidance, education and real time coaching as needed
  • a private Facebook group for added support including accountability, answering of your questions and coaching as needed between sessions - the group will include members from each Mastermind group offering an added opportunity to virtually meet and network with other small business owners committed to business growth and success
  • mindset support so you can build your confidence and resilience as you re-engage with your business, suppliers, customers and community
  • small groups of a minimum 6 and maximum of 10 businesses to provide personalised support and the creation of a trusted and confidential space so you can show up, participate and receive the guidance needed to get back to business and into growth for the future
  • options for start-up businesses and established businesses so as to cater for the different needs of business owners based on their length of time in business

PLUS the following bonuses:

  • A program welcome call with SBA CEO Yvonne Atkinson and your Mastermind Coach Shannon Dunn the week before your first official group mastermind session so you can meet other participants and chat with Yvonne and Shannon about what's in store
  • The opportunity to learn from industry experts in a series of Ask An Expert sessions. Topics for these sessions will be guided by program participants to ensure you are connected with the best local experts based on the collective needs of all businesses represented
"The Prosperitas Business Mastermind program gives us confidence that in these uncertain times we have the knowledge and understanding to help keep our business going.

Shannon's vast business knowledge and coaching experience were of great value and really helped us sharpen our focus on achieving our business goals. Group problem solving with other participants from diverse industries provided valuable feedback and fresh ideas which is the magic of a mastermind.

Shannon kept us all motivated and gave us a solid foundation to keep our businesses dynamic in these times"

- Lee Young, Eyeconik Optometrists

What is the investment to join?

Monthly payment plans now available!

The investment to join the SBA Prosperitas Business Mastermind is $550 + gst.

The program is for businesses based within the City of Stirling local government boundary only.

Current members of Stirling Business Association can join the 3 month program for $300 + gst.

As an SBA member you will be provided with a code to use at checkout to automatically calculate your savings.

The program delivery is subsidised by the City of Stirling, who, through their generous $7M Economic Stimulus and Recovery package are targeting SME's to support your survival during this current time.

A program like this would generally start from $2,400 for access to a facilitator with the kind of experience you'll be supported by when you join the program.

Register for our next Business Mastermind Group today

Commencing Tuesday 17 November 2020

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Who is the facilitator?

Your coach for the Program is Shannon Dunn, founder of Creative Possibility.

As a business coach and consultant Shannon has been supporting small business owners globally for 15 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to your experience.

Her coaching qualifications are backed by proven expertise and additional qualifications in marketing, business and operations management, team performance, quality management and with the added benefit of counseling and leadership, you'll be provided with wholistic support that takes you, your team and your business into consideration.

Shannon has been an active member of the SBA for over a decade and has served on the Executive Committee for the last 5 years, including holding key leadership roles, demonstrating her continued commitment and support of small business in the City of Stirling region.

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Program FAQ's

Q: Who is the program for?

Small business owners in any industry who are looking for professional support, guidance and coaching as well as a sense of community within a group dynamic.

  • If you're just getting back to business this is for you
  • If you're back to business but looking for motivation, support and guidance to grow or re-set then this is for you
  • If you're doing ok but want additional support then this is for you
  • If you're thriving in your business and committed to participate and be open to receiving additional feedback and coaching then this is for you
  • If you're a sole operator doing it on your own this is for you
  • If you're a business owner with a team this is for you
  • However, if you're a member of a large organisation this is probably not for you

Q: Does my business need to be based in the City of Stirling local government boundary? 

Yes it does!

Q: What is a mastermind?

Great question!

It is a methodology commonly used in the coaching industry. It draws on the collective expertise of a group of individuals or businesses who meet with a common purpose in mind, with the support of an experienced facilitator and coach guiding the conversations and supporting you to gain clarity, identify actions to take and define measurable goals focused on you achieving a desired outcome.

The SBA Prosperitas Business Mastermind will include live coaching and teaching from your facilitator as needed individually and for the collective good of the group members. So it is a mastermind with the added bonus of professional business coaching.

Q: How is the program delivered?

The SBA Prosperitas Business Mastermind will be delivered online over a series of 6 sessions. It is facilitated by a professional business coach who has 15 years experience coaching, consulting and training small business owners individually and in groups. Sessions will be fortnightly providing you with support over a 3 month period. In addition to the live online mastermind sessions there is additional support provided in a private member only Facebook group.

Q: When does the Program start?

Our next group will be commencing on Tuesday 17 November and continue for 6 sessions through to January 2021.

Q: What time are the online sessions?

The fortnightly online group sessions will run from 9:30am to 11:30am starting Tuesday 17 November.

Q: How do I connect with the fortnightly sessions?

Each session will be delivered using the Zoom platform. A private, password protected link will be provided to you via email before the sessions commence.

Q: Can I bring a team member with me to the online sessions?

Yes but it must be a senior member of your team and someone who you'd consider a decision maker. For example your business partner, co Director, Operations Manager, Marketer, etc. It must also be the same person each time.

Q: What do the sessions involve?

The sessions will follow an agenda to allow for participation by all group members. The agenda will be similar to the following;

  • Introductions and member accountability check ins
  • Member hot seats, including member feedback and live coaching
  • Business education as needed
  • General Q&A
  • Focus for the coming fortnight
  • Session wrap up

Q: Do I need to prepare for the sessions?

The best way to gain maximum benefit from the program is to come to each of the fortnightly sessions prepared.

Preparation is simple - bring a problem, issue or concern you would like feedback on. You will be given a few minutes to present your topic to the group. The group will be able to provide feedback and you'll receive additional support and coaching from your coach.

Q: Is there support between group sessions?

Yes, additional support will be made available within the Mastermind Facebook group. Your coach will be present in the group each business day along with the SBA CEO and Marketing Coordinator, who will be available to answer questions and provide administrative support as needed. Group members are from all Prosperitas groups and all participants are expected to adhere to confidentiality in this space.

Q: What if I can't make a session?

The sessions will be recorded and a recording made available to you within 24 hours of the Zoom call.

Q: Who is facilitating the program?

Your Program facilitator, aka your coach, is Shannon Dunn of Creative Possibility. Shannon has been coaching, teaching and mentoring small business owners around the world for 15 years. With a diverse background in business including marketing, branding, systems, operations and quality and with added expertise supporting individuals and teams to perform optimally, Shannon loves nothing more than seeing you succeed. She has specialist expertise supporting businesses in the building and trades sectors and an extensive number of professional services industries. She holds qualifications in small business management, marketing, professional coaching, counseling and mindset.

Q: What is the investment for this program?

The investment to participate in the Prosperitas Business Mastermind program is $550 +gst.

A monthly payment option is now available at the checkout! If you need further assistance please email us at

Q: I am an SBA member so is there any additional benefit to me?

Yes there sure is!

As an SBA member you save even more on this heavily subsidised program thanks to the City of Stirling's generous $7M Economic Stimulus and Recovery Package.

If you were to participate in a program like this the investment would start from an average of $2,400 for the three month period. Some business mastermind programs are a multiple 5 figure investment!

Q: I am not an SBA member but I am interested in joining so I can take advantage of the member investment fee for the Mastermind Program - how do I join?

Great question!

To join Stirling Business Association please contact Andreea at SBA via email and she'll be happy to help. There are some fabulous benefits for new and existing SBA members including subsidised membership so now is an ideal time to join and save even more.

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