Are you innovative in your business? You possibly are.  As small business owners we have to think creatively to tackle those niggly issues we deal with on a day-to-day basis. But does innovation mean to you? Is it about the technology? Is it about processes?  Is it about problem solving?

We asked the sponsors of our recent Business Innovators Challenge what Innovation meant for them.

“At Bendigo Bank we strive to ensure our products, services, systems and technologies are relevant and provide the foundation for an exceptional banking experiences for our customers, every time. Feedback from our customers has guided the evolution in our processes and product suite, and has forged partnerships that are both innovate and valued by our customers. To find out more about our innovative approach visit Bendigo Bank – Osborne Park,” James Jeffs Branch Manager.

So for Bendigo it’s about the process.  What about WayPoint Training and Consulting?

“Innovation for WayPoint is defined by continuing in professional development and maintaining an interest in new technology, software and systems which serve to offer efficient, accurate and streamlined solutions in keeping with an ever-changing business landscape. Integrating innovating systems and processes whilst maintaining nimble, relevant, and compliant business operations serve to provide “value adds” to clients coupled with an engaged and motivated workforce. Our Innovation Strategy is equally as important as Risk Management and sare I say it…. “debtor control.” Julian Strudwick, Managing Director

So WayPoint’s approach has a more technological perspective but still process driven and about adding value.  So how does City of Stirling see it?

“The City of Stirling recognises innovation as a key driver for growth and change both within an organisation and in an industry context. Innovation is responsible for new ideas emerging into the market, or existing ideas to be improved or altered, allowing the City to support and assist with their sustainability growth. The City specifically relies on innovation to improve its service delivery and its methods of engaging the community to be better aligned with market trends and demands.”

We can often over complicate innovation.  Make it seem scary and technical.  At it’s simplest level it’s about changing mindset and your approach to things.

The teams at our Business Innovators Challenge took part in a series of activities that were designed to promote thinking differently, share ideas and improve on them.  Nothing more and nothing less.  That’s innovation!


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