Andrew McAuley, Visa Makers

“I would 100% recommend the Momentum coaching program to other small business owners to get involved with, because they need all the help they can get. Typically a business coach would be relatively expensive, however Momentum is an affordable support service...

Steve Wilson, Wilson Cooper

“I would highly recommend the Stirling Business Centre to any startup or small business to use as a launching pad for their venture. I hope any occupant would have the same very enjoyable experience I did.”

Nikki Doick, Turning Heads Media

“We really enjoyed our time at the Stirling Business Centre, great people and lots of support. New businesses should find out the exciting things this dynamic centre is doing.”

Louise Kearns Perway Construction Services

“Momentum has been invaluable to us! As a small business owner and being so young in our business journey, there is no support or anyone to reach out to and sometimes you feel like you are in your own bubble. Being able to know that our coach, Justin, is on the end of...