I’m sure you’re a member of at least one Facebook group and there many to choose from depending on the business you are in and your reason for joining.  So why are they important for business owners?

I think it’s easier to answer what Facebook Groups are not.  They are definitely not the space for you to consistently promote your business! Everyone knows you are a business owner (if it’s a business related group) so no need to focus solely on promoting your business.

In fact, Facebook Groups should be utilised as a forum where you can provide value to other members, position yourself as the expert in your field and be the trusted adviser.  Be helpful, be humble and be yourself. Build and nurture relationships by regularly commenting on posts and sharing your own wisdom. When used properly Facebook groups can be a very effective way to connect with those who share a common interest as you and develop those important and more intimate connections the group offers.  People buy from people so the more you can share via the group the more other members will get to know you and what you do. That’s good for business.

A quick Google search provided me with this top 10 (well 12 actually) reasons why business owners should join a Facebook Group.

  • To learn from others
  • A source of support
  • Network
  • Gather new information
  • Share knowledge with others
  • Make Friends
  • Stay current on specific topics
  • Nurture relationships
  • Monitor Competition
  • Build Partnerships
  • Keep up-to-date with others businesses
  • Increase visibility.

Source: Martha Giffen

What’s been your experience with Facebook Groups? We’d love to hear.

And yes, Stirling Business Association has a Members Only Facebook Group for all the reasons outline above.



Yvonne Atkinson is Chief Executive Officer at Stirling Business Association and manages Stirling Business Centre.  Yvonne has many years experience in small business having owned and operated three of her own – to varying degrees of success.  Yvonne is passionate about providing the necessary support to local small business owners and promoting the sense of connection and community.



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