Imagine it’s your birthday. You have invited three friends over and one has generously brought a delicious cake to share between the four of you.  You carefully divide the cake into four (you all really LOVE cake) when one of your friends suddenly remembers they have actually invited another two friends and, of course, they are bound to want cake as well.

With a little disappointed that you’re not getting as much cake as you thought you were going to get you start to reconsider how you can best share the cake with these additional two friends.

The door bell chimes – your friends arrive.  And – they’ve brought more cake. There is more than enough for everyone to have their feast of cake.

And that’s the point of why you should consider building diversity and inclusivity in your business. Inclusive and diverse workplaces increase economic prosperity (The Pluralism Project, Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation) or additional cake!  

In Western Australia more than 30% of our population is born overseas (2016 Census) and Stirling is in the Top 10 of most culturally and linguistically diverse local government areas with nearly 25% of the population coming from non-main English speaking countries.  

Let’s not waste this pool of talent. It’s on our doorstep.

The different experiences, values and beliefs, as well as qualifications and experience of skilled migrants can add tremendous value to an organisation.  Achieving innovative solutions to complex business problems, harnessing that global perspective of skills and experience, increasing revenue for the organisation as well as developing a strong corporate brand that represents the diversity of the community it serves. Isn’t that what every business strives for?

City of Stirling’s Kaleidoscope Initiative aims to support employers who will benefit from a diverse workforce and harness the economic benefits of migration and cultural diversity by helping newcomers obtain employment in their field of expertise. They are looking for employers who would like to look at ways they can enhance diversity and inclusivity in their workplace and enjoy the economic advantages for doing so. Employers who understand there is enough cake for everyone.

If you are interested in becoming one of Kaleidoscope’s Employer Partners please click here for more information.



Yvonne Atkinson is Chief Executive Officer at Stirling Business Association and manages Stirling Business Centre.  Yvonne has many years experience in small business having owned and operated three of her own – to varying degrees of success.  Yvonne is passionate about providing the necessary support to local small business owners and promoting the sense of connection and community.




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