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Latest News

Introducing the SBA Speaker Series!

Introducing the SBA Speaker Series!

28 June 2024 News

We are excited to announce the launch of the SBA Speaker Series, a series of insightful talks from industry experts on key business topics.

Whether you’re curious about WA government grants for innovation, seeking work-life balance, aiming to turn your business into a valuable asset, understanding the impact of AI, or exploring neurodiversity in business, there’s something for everyone.

Attending these events will provide you with valuable knowledge, practical tips, and the opportunity to network with like-minded business owners.

Don’t miss out on these opportunities to learn and grow.

Tickets are free for SBA Members and only $20 for Non-Members or Guests.



  • πŸ“… Date: Thursday July 25th
  • ⏰ Time: 5.30pm to 7.00pm
  • πŸ“ Venue: SBA Centre, Balcatta


Join us as we welcome Charlie Gunningham, Director of the New Industries Fund, to kick off the series.

Charlie will be discussing the enhanced Innovation Booster Grant, including its new features, eligibility criteria, and the application process designed to support early-stage startups in Western Australia. This is a must-attend for SMEs interested in innovation and commercialisation!

Highlights include:

  • Detailed insights into the Innovation Booster Grant
  • Updates on upcoming events and initiatives in the WA start-up scene
  • Q&A segment with Charlie Gunningham

Connect with Charlie on LinkedIn.

  • πŸ“… Date: Wednesday, 21st August
  • ⏰ Time: 5:30pm – 8:30pm
  • πŸ“ Venue: Rendezvous Hotel, Scarborough

Wheel of Life – Creating Balance in Your Life

We’re thrilled to feature Suzzanne Laidlaw, renowned business coach, for an inspiring and fun workshop: ‘Wheel of Life – Creating Balance in Your Life’.

Learn how to create balance across various aspects of your life through meaningful consideration. Suzzanne will guide you on setting SMART goals, managing your mindset and behaviours, and using the Wheel of Life planning tool for reality adjustment. Discover ways to break habits and plan for greater success.

With over 10 years of experience coaching individuals, business owners, managers, and CEOs, Suzzanne’s programs have dramatically improved performance and profitability. Her comprehensive approach offers practical planning tools to help grow and manage a successful business while developing executive leadership skills.

Connect with Suzzanne on LinkedIn.

  • πŸ“… Date: Wednesday, 18th September
  • ⏰ Time: 8:30am – 10:00am
  • πŸ“ Venue: SBA Centre, Balcatta

How To Turn Your Business into a Valuable and Saleable Asset

Join us as we welcome John Denton, a seasoned business mentor, for an enlightening session: “How To Turn Your Business Into A Valuable and Saleable Asset.”

John is passionate about helping business owners reignite their passion for their business and transform it into a valuable, saleable asset. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to put a value on your business
  • What makes a business attractive to buyers
  • Common mistakes to avoid when selling a business
  • Identifying potential buyers and how to find them
  • Whether to use a business broker or sell your business yourself
  • The pros and cons of selling the company versus selling the assets

Don’t miss this chance to gain invaluable insights and strategies to maximise your business’s value and ease of exit.

Connect with John on LinkedIn.

  • πŸ“… Date: Wednesday October 16
  • ⏰ Time: 5.30pm to 8.30pm
  • πŸ“ Venue: Rendezvous Hotel, Scarborough

Artificial intelligence

Steven Brown delves into the transformative impact of AI on business. Explore the implications of using chat bots, the legal responsibilities companies have for their AI’s actions, and the potential pitfalls of AI in customer service.

Connect with Steven on LinkedIn.

  • πŸ“… Date: Wednesday November 20
  • ⏰ Time: 5.30pm to 8.00pm
  • πŸ“ Venue: SBA Centre, Balcatta


Katie van Heek explores the fascinating world of neurodiversity versus neurotypicality and what it means for business owners. Gain insights into how different brain types function and how these differences can impact business ownership and management.

Connect with Katie on LinkedIn.