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Kickstart the New Financial Year: Essential Tips for Small Business Success

Kickstart the New Financial Year: Essential Tips for Small Business Success

01 July 2024 Helpful tips

(Written by Danielle Clayton)

As we transition into the new financial year, it’s a prime opportunity for small business owners to reflect, reset, and strategise for the months ahead. Here’s a valuable tip to help you start the new financial year on the right foot.

Review and Revise Your Business Plan

The end of the financial year is not just about wrapping up accounts and filing taxes; it’s also an excellent time to revisit your business plan. Here’s how you can effectively review and revise your plan to set yourself up for success in FY25.

Analyse Your Financial Performance:

Take a close look at your financial statements from the past year. Identify trends, pinpoint areas of growth, and recognise where improvements are needed. Pay particular attention to your cash flow, profit margins, and expenditure.

Set Clear, Achievable Goals:

Based on your analysis, set specific and realistic goals for the new financial year. These could range from increasing revenue by a certain percentage, reducing operational costs, or expanding your product line. Clear goals provide direction and motivation.

Update Your Marketing Strategy:

The market is always evolving, and so should your marketing strategy. Assess the effectiveness of your past marketing efforts and be open to new tactics that could better reach your target audience. Consider leveraging digital marketing trends such as social media campaigns, content marketing, and SEO.

Evaluate Your Operations:

Streamline your operations to enhance efficiency. This could involve adopting new technologies, revisiting supplier contracts, or even restructuring your team. Efficient operations reduce costs and improve productivity.

Stay Compliant:

Ensure that you are up to date with any changes in tax laws and regulations that could affect your business. Compliance is crucial to avoid penalties and to ensure smooth operations.

Seek Professional Advice:

Don’t hesitate to consult with your accountant or a business advisor. Their expertise can provide you with valuable insights and help you make informed decisions.


Starting the new financial year with a well-thought-out and updated business plan can set the tone for a successful year ahead. Taking the time to review, revise, and strategise ensures that your business is not only prepared to tackle challenges but also primed to seize new opportunities.

Here’s to a prosperous new financial year!